The Dumbing down of Marriage among Christians

So recently Dr. Paige Patterson has been attacked and there are some calling for his resignation as President of Southwestern Theological Seminary. What did this man do to deserve such calls and attacks? He stood up for the institution of marriage and was not quick to call for divorce.

That’s right folks, Dr. Patterson stood for the biblical marriage and was not interested in seeing another broken family. Dr. Patterson, 18 years ago, told a story of counsel he had given a woman who came to him to ask about how to deal abuse from her husband and his response was for her to pray (rather than get a divorce). Yep you have it folks Dr. Patterson told a woman to pray and stay married….oh the shame and agony of it all!

So now we have evangelical people who are calling for his head on a platter because he counseled this woman to follow scripture and trust God to deal with her husband and his hard heart by praying for Him and he didn’t counsel her to divorce her husband. Apparently we live in a day where Evangelicals no longer see marriage as intended to be for a life time and we no longer see seeking God in times of trouble as an answer to life’s troubles.

No woman should ever continue to place herself in a situation where she is being abused. Any man who abuses his wife is lower than a snakes belly. However, the woman removing herself from the abusive situation does not mean that divorce is warranted or inevitable. Any pastor who holds to a biblical position on marriage is going to be very slow to offer counsel to get divorced. We have a God who is bigger than abuse, or adultery, or a great many wrongs in marriages and can restore marriages to a point in which the past and repented sins are not only forgiven but are much like they never happened.

The family is being torn apart in our world today. This is just one more event where the family and biblical marriage is taking a hit because people who call themselves Christians are not willing to stand for family and biblical marriage.

Funny, all the people that are calling for Dr. Patterson’s head on a platter are also the same one’s who have bashed Trump supporters and are against the president. Hmmmm….


Genuine Worship Part Two

In continuing with the topic of genuine worship we last left off with the understanding that worship is not what goes on on the stage or pulpit area. Those who do not understand this look for a good show to make up for the lack of genuine worship. The result is when it is not a good show these people want to go to a church where there is a good show. How sad God must be with His church. What has happened in our churches that we no longer know what genuine worship looks like?

We can start with Hebrews 12:28 which tells us to “offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, (ESV). The word worship in that passage is sometimes also translated as “serve” which in this case means to minister to someone else. Since we are commanded to minister to God in this passage we must ask our self, If we are worried about a show on the stage or if we are being fed in the service, then is our true goal to worship (minister to) God? Some may say “well I want to do both.” and I respond that the latter part of that verse does not allow for both. Let’s look at it, “with reverence and awe.”

If our hearts are prepared to minster to God with reverence and awe can we also truly seek a show on the stage and worry about being fed? My answer is that is impossible. It is much like when Jesus said we cannot serve two masters, we will either hate one and love the other or hold to one and despise the other. I would also suggest that trying to minister to God and get fed at the same time while looking for a show on the stage is being double minded. God said this double minded person is unstable in everything.

This ministering to God is seen in Revelation 4 & 5 of which I call a heavenly worship session. These angels are seen ministering to God with full devotion of heart and mind and have no thoughts of themselves. To minister to God with reverence and awe is to have all humility (awe) and a complete understanding of the power of God (fear). That does not allow for selfish motivations in worship. Our churches are weak because our worship is weak. Our churches need to be strengthened by genuine worship.

Vance Havner once said “When there is a fire you don’t need to advertise it.” If our churches were on fire for God as a result of genuine worship, that would solve many of our churches problems. Until then our churches will be double minded and unstable.


Genuine Worship Part One

I recently read an article that discussed what it is that the young un-churched millennials are looking for in churches today. Of the several things that was listed one of them was genuine worship. The question I have is why aren’t our churches looking for this as well? It seems to me that the average church, that is supposed to be Christ centered, has become consumers of the activities that go on, in the pulpit area rather than worshipers of God. I have talked to some well meaning Christians who even say that what goes on in the church on Sunday Mornings is not nor should it be worship. I certainly beg to differ on that one.

I am concerned that we have lost sight of what true biblical worship is, when and where we are supposed to engage it it, and how to conduct ourselves while we do it. Jesus said the Father is always looking for those to worship Him in Truth and Spirit (John 4:24). The author of Hebrews wrote that God expects genuine or even acceptable worship (Hebrews 12:28) By these verses we should understand that how we worship is not left open to our personal whims. Cain tried to worship God his own way and God refused it. Cain did not respond well to God’s refusal and it got him in a bunch of trouble with God. The Israelites tried to worship God their own way while Moses was on the mountain and they also found themselves in some trouble with God.

Yet we think, even in light of scripture, that we can just come to God in worship however we want. It seems that some churches have lost any expectation of God’s power and presence in our worship services so they look to an exciting show to be put together on the stage. This creates a consumer mentality of worship. The end result of this, other than God is not really worshiped, is that if the show is not good enough then people claim they aren’t being fed so they go look for another church where they get what they want.

If we do not worship God daily and then show up to church on Sunday, expecting a show because we do not know what it looks like when God’s power and presence are obvious, then our churches create an atmosphere of disingenuous worship and those looking for it will know it. To bad our regular church people do not.

No the Christian Right did not transform evangelicalism from a religious to a political movement.

I have grown weary of the misrepresentations of differing views in politics but even more so among fellow Christians. In an article posted over at the Gospel Coalition found here there are several statements made that unfortunately completely misrepresent the so called “religious right”. No the Christian Right did not transform evangelicalism from a religious to a political movement. It is these kind of misrepresentations that give Christianity a bad name. There is nothing true about this and there is no foundation on which to make such a claim.

What the religious right has done is to get into the public square a deal with issues that were being ignored as the radical left of the sixties were working to take over government, education, & public radio and television. They were getting their message out. The country was hearing from them their ideology and underhanded misrepresentations of what was really going on in the world so as to create a public perception that would make the political environment more suitable for their agenda. Men like Jerry Falwell came along and stood up to this. James Dobson also stayed in the public eye dealing with biblical principles that were held on to for many years in this country and were being eroded by “free love”, & Communism both of which are anti-God.

The premise of such accusations as we have become a political movement and are no longer a religious one is based on the idea that Christians should not engage or be outspoken about biblical principles or politicians who do and do not hold to them. These same people suggest that if you do one you corrupt the other. None of this is true.

So what is really behind all of this hubub? For starters it seems that in trying to tie everyone together under “Evangelicals” they work to show that the “religious right” was a small aberration with a big mouth that has never been representative of Evangelicals. The problem is the term “Evangelicals” is so broad a term that it encompasses some questionable teachers and therefore is not a true representation of the Christian community. Guys like Tony Campolo, Rob Bell, writers like William Young & Sara Young who are questionable at best. I could go on and on but to draw this down to a clear line of understanding it is the battle between the liberals and conservative. Yes, there are some in between who have sipped the liberal kool-aid on participating in our public square and political process. Never the less these are the ideologies that are at work here.

No, the Christian Right has not turned the religious into the political, ever. Saying so denies that the issues being raised by the Christian Right are biblical ones and it falsely accuses Conservative Christians of abandoning Christian principles. We need more honest representations of each other. The world is watching.

Why voting for Donald Trump is not a morally good choice.

Recently Wayne Grudem, Seminary Professor and Bible commentator, wrote an article entitled “Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice”. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Grudem and appreciate his commentaries. I was rather disappointed to read his article which is posted over at There are several reasons in which I find myself at odds with Dr. Grudem.

Dr. Grudem begins early on in his article referring to Trump as a “flawed candidate”. I do agree that all candidates are flawed. Anyone not wanting a flaw in their political candidate is living in a dream world. The problem with this point, Dr. Grudem makes, is that he either ignores the long and illicit history of Trump or he is completely unaware. Trump, much like Bill Clinton, is known for his philandering and promiscuous activities. In his book “The Art of the Deal” Trump wrote:

“If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller,”

Not only has Trump engaged in these ungodly activities but he has bragged publicly about them. This shows he has no shame, repentance, or concern for the damage and hurt he has taken part in. It shows he has no sense of what a family should be and no concern over their destruction. I would argue that Wayne Grudem needs to consider that fact that when our families are weak so will our churches, communities, and country be weak. When we elect leaders who have no moral values concerning family then we allow and even take part in the break down of the God established nuclear family and the continued destruction of our country and American founding.

If we are going to vote for someone like Donald Trump or even Bill Clinton then we need to remain silent on the homosexual and transgender issues so as not to be hypocrites. Christians need to be consistent in order to have an effective gospel message. Voting for Donald Trump makes us inconsistent, it makes us hypocrites, and it does effect the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Trump also has built and has his name on Casinos which have strip clubs in them. Aside of the immorality of the Casinos themselves and aside from the immorality of strip clubs, sex trafficking and prostitution are often associated with strip clubs. I do not think Trump would intentionally engage in or allow the latter activities but you have to question the moral character of one who would engage in that which is so closely associated with those horrific crimes.

Further, in 1990 Trump appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. Given his philandering, strip club owning,  and lack of concern for an industry that often enables sex trafficking and prostitution we see a pattern of behavior that should give any Christian solid concern. Do we set aside the moral character of our political candidates because of other reasons? What possible good reason could we do such a thing? I will posit to you the following.

The reason I believe Christians are willing to overlook the long and illustrious  history of illicit behavior from Donald Trump is fear. This is due to the many conversations I have had with Christians who express anger, animosity and in some cases the use of ugly rhetoric when they think someone who is a Christian, conservative, or otherwise just not going to vote for Hillary, may vote for someone other than Trump. There is no doubt the stakes are high this election cycle. We have just gone through a long eight years of the Obama administration who ignores the rule of law, works to by pass the constitutional checks and balances created by the founders of this country, and has a seemingly strong hatred for American Judaeo Christian values.

For America to have to endure another single term of a President with very similar problems places the fear for our country into the hearts of many Americans. We are looking at possible Supreme Court nominees, the permanency of Obama care, gun control laws and many other issues that Americans find near and dear to their hearts. The threat of a Clinton presidency is real and quite scary. However, we need to slowdown, take a breath and think this through rationally rather than emotionally.

Folks we have got to stop voting for political candidate simply because they are espousing the right agenda. Moral character has to be priority and must always come first. After we have determined their moral character is what it should be then we listen to their agenda. When we put the cart in front of the horse we will have wreck. People voted for Bill Clinton in that exact way and look at the scandal after scandal he put the country through. I would argue that Trump is most likely worse in moral character than Bill Clinton.

Lastly, I want to address the idea that if you are looking to vote for someone other than Hillary and you vote for someone other than Trump then your vote helps Hillary. This is a cheap shot and continues to ignore that moral character matters. I was rather disappointed to see Dr. Grudem take part in such poor argumentation. This country was founded on being able to vote our conscience. It amazes me that as Christians and as conservatives we would demonize those who choose to vote their conscience. I would argue that placing a candidate, that has little to no moral character into the position of candidate of the President of the united states creates the problem. Not refusal to vote for them.

Christians we need to make moral choices and not fearful choices. We have a growing corrupt political system simply because we discount moral character and find political agenda more important. This is not what our country was founded on and it is not what God has called us to do.

1 Peter 1:15 but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, (ESV)

When Slaughtering Human Beings Gets A Standing Ovation by Americans

As reported by Life News there was a rather “grand” gathering of people in New York City recently for the Robert. F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope awards. During the far left extreme self aggrandizing night there was much applause and a standing ovation for Planned parenthood’s Cecil Richards who is the current CEO. The reason for this utilitarian spectacle is that there was a recent shooting in one of the PP facilities.

PP slaughters unborn children daily in this country. This is yet another blight on American history where unborn children are ripped apart limb by limb, sucked out of the womb, partially delivered and then a vacuum tube rammed in the back of the skull and the brains sucked out, as well as various other atrocities in America.

Giving a standing ovation to an organization that does this to human beings is beyond words. The level of depravity that allows this cannot be described accurately. Shame on abortionists, politicians, and Americans in general who take part in this slaughter. No wonder God is judging America with leaders like Obama.