When Slaughtering Human Beings Gets A Standing Ovation by Americans

As reported by Life News there was a rather “grand” gathering of people in New York City recently for the Robert. F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope awards. During the far left extreme self aggrandizing night there was much applause and a standing ovation for Planned parenthood’s Cecil Richards who is the current CEO. The reason for this utilitarian spectacle is that there was a recent shooting in one of the PP facilities.

PP slaughters unborn children daily in this country. This is yet another blight on American history where unborn children are ripped apart limb by limb, sucked out of the womb, partially delivered and then a vacuum tube rammed in the back of the skull and the brains sucked out, as well as various other atrocities in America.

Giving a standing ovation to an organization that does this to human beings is beyond words. The level of depravity that allows this cannot be described accurately. Shame on abortionists, politicians, and Americans in general who take part in this slaughter. No wonder God is judging America with leaders like Obama.


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