More Inflammatory Rhetoric by Christians not Helpful

This is the second response to articles written about America dealing with Syrian Refugees. In response to his state’s Governors response to the refugees Pastor Alan Cross writes and article entitled “Considering the Facts: A Christian Response From Alabama to the Syrian Refugee Crisis“. A suggestion to him and anyone who may wish to dive into this issue. When you are criticizing someone make sure you have the correct facts. Especially when such a claim is made in your title. Pastor Cross does not have correct facts. Let me explain.

Because the Governor has rejected the unfettered access, by Syrian Refugees, to the state of Alabama pastor cross has engaged in inflammatory rhetoric by falsely accusing the Governor of “blame shifting”. He insists the Governor has shifted blame of terrorism from the terrorists to innocent refugees and in response he will not allow them into the state. He further uses unnecessary inflammatory rhetoric by accusing the Governor of have a “full motivation of fear”. This unChristian rhetoric is not helpful and the accusation are contrary to biblical Christian behavior.

Such accusations are not proven and Pastor Alan cannot know the Governors “full motivation” outside of the Governor saying so himself. This accusation does work to belittle and or demean the Governor and is not necessary. Further, accusation such as this can never be found to come from the Spirit of God be we do often discover this behavior from the great accuser. There is also no evidence that the Governor has blamed the refugees for anything. That is a false accusation and needs to be recanted in as public a way has he made the accusation.

Pastor Cross goes on to say that the refugees have already been vetted. This is false and has been refuted by the FBI Director himself when he said it is impossible to carefully vet every refugee coming into America. In fact not all refugees are even from Syria. They are swarming in from other countries such as Myanmar, Iraq, Somalia, Dem.Rep. of Congo, Bhutan, Iran, Syria, Eritrea, Sudan, Cuba, Ukraine, Burundi, Afghanistan, Ethiopia via Syria to come to the US. Everyone from the President to the Pastors need to settle down a bit and let’s be careful. The Obama admin is trying to ram these refugees down our throats

The Governors have asked for any background info this admin can give them on these refugees and this administration has refused to give it. In light of the hurry and lack of info the Governors have rightly taken a cautious approach to this. To quote Congressman Trey Gowdy “We do not need to make more orphan and widows in this country.

Quite frankly I am disappointed at the level of rhetoric about the very real fear people have about this situation. Why do Christians want to belittle genuine fear of terrorists coming into this country? This is not Christian behavior either. As far as using scripture to support ignoring the risks associated with taking in the refugees there is a huge problem. There is no scripture to support it. As someone I know recently asked someone who was doing the same demonization of Christians over this matter “would you let your daughter pick up a hitchhiker in the rain?” “Would you leave your doors unlocked at your home?” If not then you are being inconsistent. Either of those situation can be used as an outreach moment. We must act with caution and wisdom on this matter. Leave the hateful and inflammatory rhetoric to the world.


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