Inflammatory Rhetoric Will Convince No One You Are Right

In a recent article published by Christianity Today called “A Church Welcome for the Tired, the Poor”,   the author expressed some very troubling views about fellow Christians. I discovered the article in my news feed on Facebook. In the status section of the post the person that posted the article from Christianity Today said,

“The church can refuse to let the gods of fear and security dictate how we respond.”

In a professional Christian organization, that was started by Billy Graham no less, you would not expect such inflammatory rhetoric against fellow Christians. I doubt Billy Graham would approve of such language himself. Suggesting that those who have real security and safety concerns are bowing to the “gods of fear and security”. What an absurd notion that concerns about life and death matters are now a “god”. This is not language that Christians should be using toward each other nor is it something we expect from professional Christians at Christianity Today. Paul said that we should,

“Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” Colossians 4:6.

The authors of this article have not followed that scriptural mandate. They also have accused our country of becoming “stingy” about letting people migrate into our country. What the authors do not do is define stingy and make a clear case for it. Over the years we have let untold millions into this country. Further, we have spent trillions of dollars over the years helping people elsewhere. In fact we are still sending financial support to struggling countries all around the world even though we have a huge debt problem.

If we never help another person in this world we have nothing to be ashamed of. (I am not suggesting that we don’t ever help others) Right now the world is a much more dangerous place than it was in the early 1900’s. We also have a huge debt issue that any responsible country would be taking care of right now. With regards to the refugees from Syria it is a proven fact that we cannot vett those people careful enough. There are at least 5 Muslim countries who will not let them in their own countries because of security concerns. We now have 32 states that have refused to accept any Syrian refugees.

Americans want to help people whenever we can. In this case we need to move slowly and with great wisdom and right now we have no business letting those refugees into our country any more than we should let a murderer standing outside our door with a knife in our home.



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